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If your Club is already in a local network, why not add your network details to the SmartGolfer site and offer access at green fee rates to other network golfers outside of your own. FREE OF CHARGE!!!


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Any member of a SmartGolfer Network Club, is entitled to play at any of the three TopGolf venues, at Watford, Chigwell and Addlestone, on the "Wet Play" voucher. This fantastic deal means that you can have UNLIMITED game play, Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 6.00pm for just £10 - and a coffee and a muffin will be included!! This offer is a FREE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP DEAL, but is not valid during School Holidays or on Bank Holidays. The "WetPlay" voucher can be collected from your own club, who should be getting stock in any time now. (April 2013).




The SmartGolfer Network was established in 2008 by a small group of individual clubs who were looking to add value to their Club Membership packages, by offering access to other courses inclusive within their own membership charges. This "added value" is very attractive to individual golfers, helping to ensure that retention rates from existing members are high, whilst also being a very attractive incentive for an existing "nomadic" golfer to join a club.


High levels of retention and attraction of new members, mean a successful and vibrant club.


The access of Network Club's members to each other courses is not an open ended and onerous obligation in terms of providing tee times. Each Club in the network makes available 2 tee times per day Monday to Friday as being available to other SmartGolfer Network Club Members. Once those times are taken, it is at the discretion of the host club as to whether they will allow further tee times on that day. On days where the host Club is busy with Golf Societies, Club Matches, Club Competitions etc, the Host club has the option to not offer any tee times on that day.


After a very successful 2009, the Network Club met at Magnolia Park GC and agreed new, extended, arrangements for 2010. These included offering weekend access at off peak times and also agreed set fees for non network players who accompany a network member. The Network also agreed to offer access for more than one consecutive tee time, to encourage group play, such as Seniors AwayDays and Societies organised by a Network Club Member to be played at other Network Clubs. This makes it very attractive for each Club's members to visit other Network Clubs as "society" style groups, which in turn retains the revenues that our Club Members spend within the SmartGolfer Network


This strategy has been exceptionally effective, with revenue generating groups visiting other Network Clubs and encouraging the expansion of the network to 27 clubs at present (April 2013).


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Each Club has its own page on the site, showing pictures of the course as well as the contact details for booking your round, the costs for any additional golfers above the 1st Tee time or if you are taking Non Network member guests.


Below are the Network Rules. The button below provides a .pdf file download.


Download The SmartGolfer Network Rules