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High levels of retention and attraction of new members, mean a successful and vibrant club.

The access of Network Club’s members to each other courses is not an open ended and onerous obligation in terms of providing tee times. Each Club in the network makes available 2 tee times per day Monday to Friday as being available to other SmartGolfer Network Club Members. Once those times are taken, it is at the discretion of the host club as to whether they will allow further tee times on that day. On days where the host Club is busy with Golf Societies, Club Matches, Club Competitions etc, the Host club has the option to not offer any tee times on that day.

The network has now grown to over 30 clubs, making it the largest independent network in the UK.

There are a very straightforward set of “Rules” for the network. They are designed to keep workload for the Clubs to a minimum and to enable easy access for Member Club Golfers.


Want to join the SmartGolfer Network?

The Network is always pleased to hear from other Golf Clubs who would like to find out more information with a view to joining us.

Add your existing Network to the SmartGolfer Network site

If your Club is already in a local network, why not add your network details to the SmartGolfer site and offer access at green fee rates to other network golfers outside of your own.

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